Cost Controller

Job description

- Responsible for preparing, following up, forecasting and reporting the project budget both for the project as a whole and yearly as well as against the approved AFEs and FM.

- Interface with the Finance Department for cost reporting, tax and input to financial reporting.

- Responsible for all cost issues including cost reporting and checking invoices from all vendors and contractors.

- Completing the project forecast in BPC.

- Fill in all requisitions with cost centre and account.

- Register all PO's into the relevant cost control systems. Also inform SCM when a PO can be closed.

- Register all VORs and VOs into the relevant cost control systems.

- Register all invoices booked in SAP into the relevant cost control systems.

- Register VOWD and forecast on a monthly basis in BPC within deadline set by Client Head Office.

- Check that hours booked in Time writing system have been registered against the correct cost centre and that the correct persons booking hours to the project.

- Make miscellaneous cost analysis versus budget with regards to monthly/YTD and ITO by budget line.

- Provide Monthly input and reporting for Dashboard.

- Call for a monthly cost meeting with the Project Responsible Engineers to go through the monthly cost and cost expected to come.

- Participate in weekly and monthly Contractor- and Project meetings.

- Update the monthly report and gather input from the relevant other disciplines which has input to the monthly report. Issue the monthly report when all input are completed.

- Follow up total committed cost vs AFE's.

- Assistance in establishing and updating budgets and work programs.

- Provide the project with the relevant cost codes when entering new PDS-stages.



- Experienced in Cost Controlling, preferably from Projects

- Experienced in use of relevant Tools and systems in regard to Project controll, follow-up and Reporting

- Bachelor degree in Finance and/or accounting or equivalent


Title:Cost Controller
Periode:Start ASAP
Job ID:Cost Controller

Contact details:

Contact:Gisle Tungland
Phone:+47 51 20 70 25
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