Commissioning Manager

Job description

Johan Sverdrup Phase 1 is now under construction I Korea and Norway. Expected up and running end 2019 Johan Sverdrup Phase 2 is now under planning with a P2 platform (prosess platform) connected to the Field Center of Johan Sverdrup


As team member of JS Commissioning Management team deliver JS according to plan and cost without any HSE deviations to project goals. Commissioning preparation, planning, execution and handover platform to Johan Sverdrup operation.


The commissioning Manager shall plan and execute all commissioning activities, including planning, preparation, execution and hand over to Operation/Plant Integrity.


Special Requirement:

Developing well functional teams consisting of contractor and company members capable of driving the handover process, punch killing teams etc.


- Extensive and demonstrated knowledge of managing commissioning activities on new build from Asia/Korea

- Engineering degree or equivalent

- Minimum 10 years' experience within new builds from oil and gas projects or other relevant experience including field competence.

- Demonstrated teambuilding, co operational- and communication abilities both towards home-office as well as towards engineering and fabrication.

- Ability to handle responsibility and periodically high work load.

- Fluent in English - both written and spoken.


Title:Commissioning Manager
Periode:2018 - 2019
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Contact details:

Contact:Gisle Tungland
Phone:+47 51 20 70 25
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